Communicate with inmates using Corrlinks

Communicate with inmates using Corrlinks

Communication is a key component of life, and everyone deserves to have access to their loved ones irrespective of where they are. Corrlinks is a privately-owned company that operates the email system used by the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons, which allows inmates to communicate with their loved ones in the outside world.

The email system is a fee-based system that inmates have to pay for in order to access the services it differs from the conventional commercial sites in the sense that it provides direct email access to federal inmates and also some state prisons instead of allowing correspondents to send mail which is printed and mailed to an inmate which is the traditional way of communicating with inmates.

Corrlinks is an easy and fast way of communicating with friends and families. Corrlinks email system is controlled by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which keeps checking on these emails. The service provided by Corrlinks is restricted to some inmates and some inmates might be restricted if their particular offense involved the use of a computer in any form. The system grants inmates limited access to the internet and restricts the emails to a length of thirteen thousand characters, and attachments are not allowed.

It is easy to make use of the Corrlinks, for inmates to communicate they need to provide email addresses of those whom they wish to speak to through the emails. The system works and looks like the standard email systems. For persons who already have an existing Corrlinks account, you need to accept the request which is sent by an inmate by entering a verification code, which would be in the invitation mail sent to you. After the application is approved, you would be granted access to communicate with inmates. It is important to note that the whole procedure is monitored by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

communicate with inmates using corrlinks

Here’s how to log in to Corrlinks

The Corrlinks email system is easy to use and even more comfortable to set up. The entire system is designed to provide effective communication without any of the usual. The steps to register to Corrlinks are quite straightforward and easy.

  • The very First step is to launch your preferred browser and visit the sign-up page
  • The page contains empty fields that need to be filled. You are expected to provide the required details, which include first name, last name, email address, and preferred password.
  • The invitation mail received contains the identification code required in the last field
  • You then proceed to click on the Terms and Conditions box signifying that you accept everything mentioned and also do the Captcha verification
  • Click on the “Next’ icon
  • You will be sent a verification link by mail. Just click on the link to activate your account.
  • Upon completion, you can log into your account quickly.

After creating your account, then to talk to an inmate, you simply need to login to your Corrlinks account. You can access the Corrlinks login page at

  • The very First step is to launch your preferred browser and visit the login page
  • In the Login page, you would enter your email address and the Password.
  • After entering the correct details in their required fields, click on the “Login” icon
  • You will be granted access to see your email account, and you can add or block inmates and send them emails.

There are clearly easy laid down procedures that must be strictly adhered to and this information can be gotten from the Corrlinks website. Some of this information includes the time messages would be delivered and charges associated with the use of the email system. There is no doubt that choosing Corrlinks is a great way to go by which prison inmates can keep in touch with their friends and families. Corrlinks has much-enabled inmates who are keen on having their loved ones in their life to be in regular contact with them.